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 Visit to Badrinath Ji

BadrinathJi temple: Badrinathji is one of chardham of india. It is situated in chamoli district of uttarkahand. Badrinathji is situated in between Nar and Narayan Mountain. It is a land of lord Vishnu. As per believes lord vishu meditate here for a long time to kill the devil named as shastrakavch.

Tapt-Kund: Taptkund is just below the badrinathji temple. It is hot water Kund. Before temple darshan the devotee should dip in the taptkund. A dip in Taptkund is regarded as a good medical cure for anyone skin dieses.

NaradKund: Narad Kund is situated near TaptKund. As per believes Badrinathji idol was obtained by Shankracharyaji from NaradKund. Devotee also should take a holy dip on this before entering the badrinathji temple.

Vyas & Ganesh-Gufa: Vyas gufa and Ganesh gufa is near mana village. It is believed that in these caves vedvyas is dictated mahabhartha from vyasGufa to Ganesh ji.

Mata-Murti-Mandi: Mata murti temple is just 3 kms from the main badrinathji temple on the bank of alaknanda river. Mata murti is the mother of Bhagwan Nar and Narayan or you can say mother of badrinathji. By hindu mythology the story related to this place is that matamurti requested lord Vishnu t become her son in his next birth. Lord Vishnu agreed and came from her womb as twins name as Nar and Narayan.

Vashudhara Fall: It is just 4 kms trek from the Manavillege. It is famous for its natural beauty. It is said that the water drops do not fall on the offenders.

Satopanth Lake: Satopanth is on the way of swargarohini. According to Mahabharata it is a place from where Yudhister and his dog were set to the hevan. With clean and pure water, Satopanth Lake offers spectacular views to the travelers.

Pandukeshwar: Pandukeshwar is just 24 km before badrinathji temple. As per believes King Pandu establish this place. And all five pandvasbrothers had born here. Pandukeshwar is the winter home of badrinathji.

Joshimath: Joshimath is purely known as jotirmath.Which was established by adi Guru shankracharyaJi. It is just 40 Km from the badrinathji temple. And from joshimath you can visit Auli by cable car which is one of the highest cable car of Asia.

Auli: Auli is around 60 km from badrinathji temple and located at the height of 3050 meters from the sea level. It has amazing views of snow coverd hills from all four sides. Tourist comes here in winter also for enjoying the snow sporting.

AdiBadri: Adibadri is just 17 km from the karanprayag (chamoli). You can easily reached here by road. This place is dedicated to lord Narayan. These temples established by jagat guru shankracharyaji.

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