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Visit to Gangotri

Gangotri: Gangotri Is known as the land of Maa Ganga. It is the source of Bhagirathi River. The rock on which King Bhagirath did his meditation, is also positioned near the temple. There are millions of devotee comes every year for the darshan of Gangotri. Gangotri is situated in Uttarkashi district of uttarakhand. this 18th century temple is around 20 m in height, and its structure is made out of white granite.

Gomukh: Gomukh is located at the elevation of 14000 feet; it is the real source from where River ganga is coming. This place name is Gomukh because it looks like the cow mouth, from where river ganga originate. Gomukh is around 18km trek from the Gangotri Temple

Kashi Vishwanath Temple : Kashi vishwanth temple is one of the famous temple which is dedicated to lord shiv Ji. This temple is well known pilgrimage spot in the local area of Uttarkashi. As per beliefs kashi vishwanath ji temple is made by Parasuram. It was later renovate by tehri maharani. Here 60 cm high shivling available.

Bhairon Ghati: The attractive region of Bhairon Ghati lies near the junction of Bhagirathi River and Jat Ganga.It is just 10kms from Gangotri Temple, It is situated at a distance of 10 kilometers from Gangotri. Bhairon Nath Temple, secluded by green woods, can be reached through the road. On the way, the tourist has to cross through Jahanvi River.

Jalmagna Shivlinga: Jalmagna shivling is main attraction of Gangotri, it is famous shivling which remains immersed in the gangotri during the winter

Gangnani: Gangnani is a small town, which is just 46 Kms from Uttarkashi, it is in the route of Gangotri. Gangnani is a perfect destination for the spiritually liable and those seeking peace of mind. It is the best place for nature lovers and perfect spot for meditation. Gangnani is a perfect place for rejuvenation. It affords stunning mountains views surrounding near gangotri. The hot water kund in gangnani is called Rishikund.

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