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Panch Prayag

Panch Prayag holy confluences

Panch Prayag behold the old story of Goddess Ganga on earth after the king Bhagirath medidate to Goddess Ganga to come down to earth to his forebear from all their sins. Goddess Ganga was powerful and so as to control the force , it divided in 12 channesl . Devprayag which is the higher among the Panch Prayag is the birth place of river Ganga on earth.

  • The five holy confluences are:
  • Devprayag: Confluence of Alaknanda River with Bhagirathi River
  • Rudraprayag: Meeting of Alaknanda River with Mandakini River
  • Karnaprayag: Where Alaknanda River meet Pindar River
  • Nandprayag: Confluence of Alaknanda River with Nandakini River
  • Vishnuprayag: Location where Alaknanda River meet River Dhauli Ganga

Devprayag : Devprayag is birth place of River Ganga. It is the meeting point of Baghirathi River and Alaknanda River merges forms Ganga.

Rudraprayag : Sangam at Rudraprayag takes place where the bright green Mandakini River that hails from Kedarnath gets merge with the white Alaknanda River coming from Badrinath.

Karnaprayag : Karnaprayag displayed the meeting point of River Alaknanda and River Pindar. River Pindar coming from the Pindari Glacier and meets up with River Alaknanda.

Nandprayag : Nandprayag formed up after green Nandakini River that hails from Nanda Devi Glacier gets blended with river Alaknanda. At this sangam, the two rivers meet and flow from here together.

Vishnuprayag : Vishnuprayag beholds the meeting of the Alaknanda River with Dhauli Ganga that hails from the Niti Valley.

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